Our Team

Simon Molgaard

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Simon Molgaard, PhD, is co-inventor of key Teitur patents. Author of key neuroscience publications over the last 10 years. Has led research, operations, financing and initiation of key collaborations for this project since 2015. Former visiting scientist at Mayo Clinic, US.

Anders Dalby

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Anders, MSc in Molecular Medicine, has headed preclinical research for Teitur and is co-inventor of key Teitur patents. His research fields include molecular neuroscience, cell biochemistry, molecular imaging and structural-activity relationships of peptides.

Edward Browne

Chief Development Officer

Ed has over 20 years experience in drug discovery and development, spanning big Pharma, CRO, biotech and consultancy roles supporting the successful progression of a number of projects to the clinic. At Teitur he is leading the preclinical development of TT-P34 and the projects progression to the clinic.

Mathias Kaas Ollendorff

Co-founder & Head of in vivo pharmacology

Mathias Kaas Ollendorff, MD, has 10+ years experience in neuroscience with particular focus on behavioural phenotyping of sortilin receptor transgenic models. He has guided the testing of Teitur peptides in animal models of neurodegeneration and the assessment of pharmacokinetic properties.

Maja Fredgaard

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Maja leads ESG initiatives, GDPR-compliance & human resources at Teitur Trophics. With solid experience within Quality Management, HR and compliance, Maja supports the focus on sustainability, GDPR compliance and evolvement and optimization of the Teitur’s operations.

Emil Gregersen

Senior Scientist

Emil, PhD in Molecular Medicine, has a rich background in neuroscience (10 years), including extensive experience in cellular and molecular research within neurodegenerative diseases and in particular Parkinson’s Disease.

Anne Kathrine Nissen Pedersen

Senior Scientist

Anne Kathrine, PhD in Clinical Medicine, has an extensive background (10 years) in glucose and lipid dysregulation at molecular level in metabolic diseases. Her research spans multiple fields where her creative biotechnology engineer intersects with her extensive experience in bridging basic scientific and clinical research.

Sanne Nordestgaard

Laboratory Technician

Sanne has nearly 20 years of experience in biochemistry and molecular biology techniques and has worked within multiple fields of research including neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases and psychriatric disorders.

Sunita Singh

Clinical Operations

Sunita has over 25 years of clinical research experience supporting early and late phase drug development in both biotech and big Pharma. Sunita has oversight of the clinical stage portfolio and managing the full-service outsourcing of clinical studies.